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Here are a few resources we have gathered to support you on your consulting business.

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2024 Market Trends Report

Ready for me to spill the tea on 7-figure business strategies?🫖 I’m sharing how 2024 will be a different market than 2023, what this means for you and your business, and specific next steps to take in business to take 2024 head-on!



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The Biz Bundle includes two of our most popular online modules.

Module #1 – “Securing Your 1st Client”

“How do I find my first client?”

In this online module, I am answering that exact question! This module will teach you three strategies to find your first client and secure your first consulting contract.

Module #2 – “8 Service Models for Your Consulting Business”

Diversifying the service models within your business increases the sustainability of your business. “But what other service models are there besides professional development?”…you might ask.This module will give you the answers you’re looking for. You will learn 8 different service models you can implement within your consulting business to diversify your revenue streams.

tools for your business

Growing a business requires tools. Here are some of my favorite business tools that I use in my own business and love so much I have become an affiliate!

Every business needs an email marketing software and ConvertKit is my favorite! It’s incredibly user-friendly and provides the necessary functions so you can determine what email content is resonating with your audience.

Squarespace provides beautiful and clean website templates that make setting up a website a breeze!

If Google Forms and Google Sheets had a baby, it would be AirTable. AirTable allows you to collect information and maintain organized databases of information to keep your business running smoothly.

An alternative to a full website is a landing page. LeadPages makes setting up landing pages, sales pages, and pop-up websites easy.

Canva will have you feeling like a graphic designer! It offers social media templates and editing tools to help you create captivating graphics for your audience.

SamCart allows you to build checkout pages for your products and services. It also provides tons of data reports so that you can analyze your sales.

I recommend Gusto for your payroll system. When you transition to S-Corp you will need to put yourself on payroll. Gusto makes the onboarding process for you and future employees painless!

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