our vision

We envision a day when the American K-12 education system is eradicated of racial inequities as a result of those most proximate to the problem being most proximate to the power.

Yes, it’s possible and you can be the one to make this a reality and you don’t have to go broke doing it (But more on that later…).

The unfortunate reality is that the education consulting industry reflects the same racial and ethnic representation gap that exists in school systems.

79% of teachers identify as white

78% of principals identify as white

70.8% of education consultants identify as white

Your spidey senses probably picked up on this…and you were right.

In order for the education consulting industry to be positioned to disrupt racial inequities in education we need more racial diversity.

This also means we need to interrogate how we as educators value our own expertise.

Education consulting is a $1.9 billion industry, while the average starting salary for a teacher in our country is $39,000. The average ending salary – after 25 years in the profession- is $65,000.

And you know damn well you are worth more than $65k!

And of course you are settling for $65k or less because you’ve been convinced you need to be Coach Carter in order to make an impact. But together we are about to change all of that…

Our mission

We are on a two fold mission.

#1 – We seek to shift the power dynamics within the education sector.

Instead of paying six-figures to that business consulting group, who never worked in a school, why not give the contract to someone who’s already done the work? (That someone being you!)

#2 – We seek to disrupt the racial wealth gap by helping educators from marginalized communities increase their net worth.

Because when an educator is wealthy, that wealth goes on to create a greater impact.

Reaching this mission requires amazing educators like you to take the advice you give your students, “The sky’s the limit…you can do anything you put your mind to”.

Our Strategy

To dismantle oppression, you have to know it. That’s why we provide educators from marginalized backgrounds, who possess a track record of results, with the business education and community support necessary to launch their own education consulting business for impact.

In other words, YOU.

White supremacy is a force that is all around us, consistently at play and the cause of the power structures and inequities we seek to disrupt. Given the grandiose force of white supremacy, we asked ourselves, “What would grandiose liberation look like?”. The answer became our core values.

our core values

Without our core values you wouldn’t have this website to be reading right now. It’s the reason we exist and it’s the theme song that plays when we enter every room.

We wave our receipts with no shame.

Humility will have you left out of rooms, conversations, and ultimately contracts. We choose to take up space and celebrate our accomplishments publicly.

Self-care is self-preservation.

The race is not given to the swift but those who endure to the end. Self-care is a revolutionary practice necessary to stay the course and dismantle inequitable systems.

We build wealth responsibly.

Money is a source of power we don’t shy away from. We secure the bag responsibly and center wealth responsibility as a way to create change.

We value authenticity and bring our full selves to all we do.

Being two people during the day is exhausting. We recognize that juggling multiple personas is not a sustainable survival strategy. We are committed to creating spaces that welcome the authenticity of all so that we can move from surviving to thriving.

Joy is an act of resistance.

Joy should not be a weekend activity. Joy and excellence can co-exist. We work hard and intentionally create space for joy.

Results matter.

We take personal responsibility for showing up and delivering our best to our clients and community. We get results without sacrificing the well-being of our people or our social responsibility.

From the principal’s office to the CEO Office

Meet the Founder

Today she comes to you as the badass educator behind the CEO nameplate, but if you caught her in her “educational past life” you might’ve found her out of gas on the side of the road trying to cash a loan check. Sounds like a movie Will Smith would be crying in, right? So, how did she get here? We’ll let her tell it.

Her story is so juicy it needed it’s own page. Click here to learn her story on how it started and how it’s going…

Meet Our Team

(Coming Soon)

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