Helping Educators Build Seven-Figure Education Consulting Businesses

Because Coach Carter deserves to be paid like Beyoncé

If you are here, you’re probably an educator wondering if more is possible. The short answer is hell yes, but first we want you to recognize that even being open to the idea that there is more out there for you is half the battle. Snaps to you.

We are so glad you’re here and invite you to get comfy… right at the front of the class because it’s time to stop hiding! And just like how you tell your kids, there are no dumb questions or wrong answers.

Landing on a website can feel like being at a concert….Ummmm, I wish people would stop bumping into me and where’s the bathroom?

Don’t worry, we got you! Like any good educator, we developed a little lesson plan to help guide you through this beautiful playground we built and help you find exactly what you need.

Pay attention because there will be a quiz at the end…just kidding…or are we?


Activity: Start with “About Us”

Objective: You will be able…actually, if I was writing this on a whiteboard at 7am I would really say “YWBAT”…so let’s go with that! YWBAT learn more about Get LaunchED Consulting™️’s mission, vision, and values


Activity: Hover over “About Us” and visit “How it Started vs. How It’s Going”

Objective: YWBAT learn more about our Founder’s hero’s journey. Like every good Marvel movie there’s a villain, some temptation, and a rebirth. You wanna grab your popcorn for this!


Activity: Visit “Our Program”

Objective: YWBAT describe our 12-month program and what differentiates the Get LaunchED Consulting® Academy experience from those other dry business development program ran by old white men.


Activity: Check out the “Resources” page

Objective: YWBAT discover a few resources we pulled together to help give you clarity on the next steps in your consulting journey (even if that journey has yet to start) . You don’t want to skip to the end of the test and just mark “C” for everything. We have a quiz, a podcast, recommended tools for your business and more!


Activity: Apply to join Get LaunchED Consulting® Academy

YWBAT replace your full-time income, increase your net worth by 20%, and stop picking yourself last for dodgeball. Yes, it’s possible my friends and you won’t be the first we help to do it.

From Direct Deposit Dread to Six Figure CEO

Meet the Founder

Today she comes to you as the badass educator behind the CEO nameplate, but if you caught her in her “educational past life” you might’ve found her out of gas on the side of the road trying to cash a loan check. Sounds like a movie Will Smith would be crying in, right? So, how did she get here? We’ll let her tell it.

Her story is so juicy it needed it’s own page. Click here to learn her story on how it started and how it’s going...

Get LaunchED Consulting® Academy offers a 12-month self-paced curriculum crafted to equip participants with the necessary resources, tools, and expertise to fast-track their education consulting business towards achieving their first five-figure monthly milestone.


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